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Facial toner & refresher
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099 Facial toner & refresher

Chamomile/ Bergamot
21.00 USD
A natural refreshing and deep cleansing facial toner.
Key ingredients:
Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit Extract, Bergamot essential oil, Chamomile extract, Fruit extracts, Witch hazel extract.
60 ml
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Refreshing natural facial toner to deep cleanse the skin and prepare it for nourishing treatment. Removes dirt and dead skin cells. Effectively counteracts imbalance of the skin due to its low pH value. Bilberry/ blueberry extract is rich in antioxidants. Xylitol helps preserve moisture all day long. Extract of chamomile acts soothing while witch hazel has astringent properties. Organic and/or natural ingredients.
Spray the toner on a cotton pad, sweep it all over the face but not around the eyes. Can also be sprayed directly on face.
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Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, not chemicals.

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