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The products are manufactured here on Sweden's west coast by an experienced team with extensive knowledge and long experience of manufacturing natural and organic skin care that extends over generations.
We have chosen to use recycled and recyclable PET bottles and cans (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled) of food quality for most of our range. A large glass bottle requires more energy to produce, is heavy during transport and may break tiles or bathroom ceramics if you drop it. Please always remember to recycle your used containers, made from recyclable materials, as it is still the best alternative to reduce waste and environmental impact and ensure that plastic does not end up in our oceans.
Defining organic is not as simple as it may seem. As soon as an organic raw material is processed in any way it is no longer considered organic. For instance, the soy wax in our candles is made from organic soy, but since processed may not be called organic. This goes for plants harvested in the wild as well, since they are not controlled through farming, they may not be called organic. We use both organic raw materials that have been processed (and therefore cannot be labelled or mentioned as organic) as well as certified organic ingredients. For some products we have a content of more than 90% certified organic ingredients like for instance our face oil Petitgrain, shea butter and jojoba oil. The base ingredients of our skin care range are always organic and/ or natural, however in some cases we may need to use smaller amounts of nature identical ingredients, such as preservatives that occur naturally in i.e. lingonberries, but is not possible to produce large scale. They have the same molecular build up as the natural original but can be produced without exterminating rare species of plants. Another positive effect is that allergens that may occur naturally in some natural ingredients can be eliminated.
We are happy to say we do not use any pure palm oil in any of our products. However, there might be small amounts/ traces of it hidden in other ingredients we use, but we are continuously developing formulas to stay clear of any content of palm oil due to its dubious reputation. We assure the small quantities that may appear within other ingredients are always RSPO-certified.
We have a few products that are not completely vegan. Our body butters and lip balm contain beeswax, but the harvest is not in any way harmful to the bees. All other products are completely vegan.
No, we would never use animal testing for neither our ingredients nor our products. The reason we don´t inform about this fact on our packaging is that it is forbidden by EU-legislation to mention “not tested on animals” as animal testing is prohibited within the EU for many years.
Store in normal temperature (18°C) and keep away from direct sunlight in order for the products to stay fresh.
Opened products will last for about 6 months and is shown by the “Open jar symbol” on the packaging. However, some products will last a lot longer so always use your nose to determine the status of the product not to waste a perfectly good product. Remember that our products have a shelf life (Best Before Date) of about 36 months.
Yes, we sell 1000ml refills for most of our Hand & Body Wash scents as well as our Dishwashing Liquid. We also do 260g refills for our range of Scented Candles.
The titanium dioxide in our sunscreen has no nanoparticles in it. There is titanium dioxide with nanoparticles and without, as it is the size of the particles that determines whether “nano” or not. As the use of nanoparticles is disputed, we have chosen to use titanium dioxide from a 100% natural source without nanoparticles.
As for our home range products like room diffusers, scented candles and dishwashing liquids, a global legislation has come into force. It dictates that all products containing a concentration of perfume/ fragrance that exceeds a certain percentage must be labelled with a warning. This is regardless if the fragrance consists of natural essential oils or synthetic perfume. Even if the amount of fragrance oil included in our room diffusers contributes to about 19% of the total content, and the fragrance substance which is the requirement for the labelling is only 2% of the total content, there must be a warning label with standardized phrases of different warnings/ cautions.
We never use any parabens, silicones or sulphates in any of our products. The reason we don´t inform about this fact on our packaging is that it is forbidden by EU-law to mention what a product “does not” contain.
The essential oils in our skin care products gives them a natural fragrance, however they are not added to give the product a scent first and foremost. The main reason we use essential oils in our skin care is for their different properties, the scent in itself is secondary. On rare occasions we add a natural fragrance to a product to give it a certain scent. For instance, our Broccoli seed serum has a natural cucumber fragrance added as the active extracts used have no natural scent at all and unfortunately cucumber cannot produce an essential oil.
Due to changes in EU legislation all products containing any kind of fragrance, natural essential oils or synthetic, must have the word “Parfum” stated in the ingredient list. For home care products it should be stated as “Perfume”. To clarify what we use we added a bracket to our ingredient list explaining if it is a mix of essential oils or a natural fragrance.

Product experience & Product use

Since we use natural ingredients the texture and scent may vary from one harvest to another depending on soil conditions as well as weather conditions of little or much rain or sunshine.
We innovate natural products and for that reason we of course chose to make a sunscreen without chemical filters. Chemical sunscreen filters penetrate the skin and absorbs the sun radiation through a chemical process and converts it to unharmful radiation. These chemical filters are debated in what way they might impact the body as well as what environmental damage they may cause for coral reefs and aquatic life. We have chosen to use a physical UV filter of titanium dioxide, protecting the skin by reflecting harmful sun rays and providing a beautiful tan without burning. This means our sun protection leaves the skin slightly white after application.
The fragrance base is the same in all three products, however the rest of the ingredients in a product carry the scent differently why we will perceive it in numerous ways depending on the product.
There might be several reasons for a skin reaction to a natural product. Some people are sensitive or allergic to allergens that may occur in essential oils like; linalool, limonene and geraniol etc. Another reason is skin not being used to active natural ingredients. Skin might blush and burn at first, bit this will pass after continuous use as it gets used to an increased stimulation of skin´s circulation. Yet another reason might be hormonal imbalances making skin blush suddenly after using a product that has been used many times before. If you should experience a reaction to any of our products and feel insecure of the reason, please contact us.
Our products are safe to use in the sun, however sensitive people may experience a reaction to the essential oil of bergamot if spending time in the sun right after application. The amount of essential oil is extremely low in all our products (less than 1% of the total content) so if you use bergamot products in the morning you should not experience any problems spending time in the sun later in the day.
We use natural ingredients which makes most of our products well suited for sensitive and delicate skin. The scents used come from natural essential oils from herbs, and even though the content of essential oil is a very small percentage, a few people may be sensitive to allergens naturally occurring in essential oils. Children and infants have of course more sensitive skin and if you don´t feel comfortable trying a scented product for your child you can always use our all natural and unscented products; No 047 Jojoba oil, No 016 Shea butter and No 017 Lip balm.
As the amount of essential oils are less than 1% in each product, one should not need to worry about using for instance facial products with essential oils during pregnancy. But of course, if you feel any hesitation, we can always recommend our unscented natural products; No 016 Shea butter that works for body, hands, feet and elbows and No 047 Jojoba oil that is perfect for face care and cuticles as well as for preventing stretchmarks.


We ship worldwide with some exceptions. We do not deliver to any address in a country or region that is illegal for us to deliver to, for example trade embargo, war or conflict zones. Please note that we may have limited possibility to offer delivery to islands or other areas that do not have fixed connections, or where global freight units do not normally deliver.
We offer different shipping methods as specified in our online shop. Please note that restrictions in the delivery may occur. Freight forwarders used are Postnord for Sweden and Denmark, for Europe and worldwide we use UPS.
Products in stock are normally shipped within 1-3 days. You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.
Delivery time may vary depending on chosen delivery method and to which delivery location you have chosen. The expected delivery time is stated in your order confirmation. Though discrepancies may occur from the specified delivery date. For ordered products temporarily out of stock you will be notified by e-mail if this will delay the delivery.
Freight cost will be added to your order in accordance with your chosen delivery method stated in the online shop. For orders exceeding 80 EUR we offer free freight.


To change region when shopping, scroll down to the bottom page and click “Your location”. Then choose your preferred region in the tab that will appear.
If your order is not shipped or booked for transport, we can ship to a different address. Please send an e-mail to;

Returns & Exchanges

1. Attach the return label to the package 2. Leave the package at a Postnord access point 3. Make sure to note the ID-number on your receipt and keep it safe to be able to trace the shipment 4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 7 days after your return has arrived with us.
1. Attach the return label to the package 2. Leave the package at a UPS access point 3. Make sure to note the ID-number on your receipt and keep it safe to be able to trace the shipment 4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 7 days after your return has arrived with us.
1. Send an email marked “Return” to, state your order number and list the products you would like to return. You will then get a return label from us by e-mail. 3. We will refund the money through the same payment service you used for the initial purchase, as soon as we have received your return. Please allow a few days for the banks to handle the transfer of the funds.
1. Send an e-mail marked “Change product” to, state your order number and describe which product and size you are returning and what size and product you wish to receive in exchange. 2. Pack the goods you want to return safely in the original outer box or equivalent. Make sure the package is well sealed. 3. Clearly mark the returning parcel “RETURNED GOODS”, to shorten handling time and for international returns to avoid customs charges.
Please send an e-mail to; and describe what has happened as well as add a photo of the damaged product and outer package.

Natural and organic skincare made on the west coast of Sweden with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, not chemicals.

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